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Happy New Year! [Cue scenes of snow falling, the ball dropping, fireworks lighting up the night sky and couples welcoming in a new beginning with a kiss.]

New year – new you, or so they say. But what happens when you wake up on January 1st to realize it’s just another day, your ordinary life is the same and the struggles you faced 24 hours ago are still staring back at you? Seems to me you have a choice to make, you can wallow or you can welcome. 

After a year of uncertainty, fear, adjusting and readjusting. Zoom calls, distance learning and mourning, I discovered a new resolve. A “new me” if you will. The past year has given space and time for God to whittle away insecurity, anxiety and control, replacing them with acceptance, courage and vulnerability. This new me didn’t magically appear over night, but over months. I didn’t wake up on January 1, 2021 to a new identity. It happened sometime between May and September of 2020 (no exact date can be measured).

So it makes me wonder, “Why do we think a new year will magically create a new you…or a new me?” These things take time, intentionality and a willingness to evolve into something new. It take a process, not simply the turn of a page in my color-coded planner. But…it can and does happen. 

My friend, don’t get stuck in the hard, messy and uncomfortable of what God’s creating and whittling away in you. It’s a process without a time table. Surrender. It will be worth it!

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An encourager + storyteller, I share experiences and stories from a Mixed Race perspective to help bridge the gap. We are not invisible. God sees us and will use us for His glory.

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