Shining the Spotlight

Remember concerts? When performers sang & bands played live in front of a crowd of cheering fans? The bass thumping, drums pounding, guitars jamming, singers performing and the lights shining. Man I miss live music! 

If you’ve ever been backstage, you realize it takes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people to make those on stage look so good. There are hair stylists, makeup artists, sound engineers, production crews, video techs, lighting directors, costume designers, stage directors, dancers,  managers, producers and of course caters. No one wants a hangry artist!!  

No one knows their names. They rarely get recognition, nor do they seek it. They understand their role and are content to use their talents to make someone else stand out. 

It’s the same in life. Sometimes you’re the one on stage, people acknowledge your talents, affirm them; while other times you’re called to hold the spotlight, stand in the background, being supportive so others can shine. 

When you’re the one in the background, it can be hard to see your value. Sometimes you wish someone, anyone, would acknowledge you. You might not desire the spotlight as much as you desire a simple “thank you”. Remember, visible doesn’t equal valuable. Regardless where you find yourself on life’s stage, front and center or behind the curtain, don’t forget your role matters. You matter! Without you shining the light, the world would be a pretty dark place.

Published by @torriesorge

An encourager + storyteller, I share experiences and stories from a Mixed Race perspective to help bridge the gap. We are not invisible. God sees us and will use us for His glory.

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