Rhythm of Replenishment

Do you know what recharges you or how to refill when you’re running on empty?

I remember sitting in our weekly Monday morning meeting a few years ago, listening to our boss tell us that we were entering our slow season and we all had PTO (paid timed off) available. He expected us to find the thing that fills us up and take some time over the upcoming weeks to recharge . 

Replenishment was the word he used. 

As a wife and mom, replenishment was a foreign concept. The idea of taking time away for myself was unheard of. I mean it sounded like heaven, but who has time for that? But this was my boss; and he wasn’t suggesting the idea. It was an expectation. 

I’ll be honest. I’m wired to be productive, so the idea of taking time to rest and replenish, although lovely, sounded like a waste of time. What I didn’t understand was the “why” behind it…

1/ Replenishment is Biblical. God calls us to be still. It’s in the stillness that I’m able to hear Him whisper to my soul. Jesus set the example several times when he left the crowds and disciples to get alone with God. Even Jesus needed to recharge.

2/ Replenishment is Necessary. I can’t be the best version of myself when I’m constantly giving and never taking time to refill. I can’t pour from an empty cup. 

3/ Replenishment is Intentional. If I don’t schedule time away, it will never happen. It has to become a regular part of my life rhythm.

I’m still learning what replenishment looks like and how to make the most of my time away; but now I understand its value. I understand its importance. I’m learning the rhythm of replenishment. 

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An encourager + storyteller, I share experiences and stories from a Mixed Race perspective to help bridge the gap. We are not invisible. God sees us and will use us for His glory.

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