Stuck on You

You’re so ___________.

You’re such a ___________.

Rarely does that sentence end well, does it? The blank holds so much weight. That single word shapes you, defines you, identifies you, labels you. And I bet if you’re honest with yourself, there’s a few on your list that need to be replaced.

Maybe they’re words you heard growing up. 
Maybe they’re words you’ve branded on yourself.
Maybe they’re words that society has assigned to you. 

Words like:


Any of those sound familiar? You probably have a few of your own.

I had a list of my own. Carried them with me for most of my life. 

Some were positive. Most were not. 
Some were given to me. Most I assigned to myself. 
Some were true. Most were lies. 

These words shaped my value, my worth, my identity. They kept me paralyzed for far too long. 

Over the past several years, God has been teaching me about HIS labels. Yep! Did you know He has a list of His own? He does and let me tell you, they will breath new life into your soul if you let them. Words like:

You are LOVED.
You are MINE.
You are CHOSEN.
You are WORTHY.

These words bring truth to the lies, healing to a wounded heart, and freedom to your soul. This is how Jesus see you. This is how He wants you to see others. This is how He wants you to see yourself. 

Think it’s time to rip off a label today? What do you say?

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An encourager + storyteller, I share experiences and stories from a Mixed Race perspective to help bridge the gap. We are not invisible. God sees us and will use us for His glory.

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