Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison

Last year, I was drowning in a sea of feelings & emotions. My head swirled with terms, phrases &  social constructs. I was desperate. I wanted to learn, grow and dig in. I needed a resource. Even more than that, I needed direction & hope. God lead me to Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation

This book has become a constant resource as I champion racial reconciliation both individually & within the church. I listened to the audio version and quickly knew there was so much I needed to highlight that I HAD to get a hard copy. It sits on my desk – (1) I like to keep it handy and (2) it serves as a constant reminder to pursue healing & justice. 

It serves as a constant reminder to pursue healing & justice.

In her book, Morrison outlines a path to reconciliation. She is painfully honest, giving both personal & historical examples. What I loved even more than the facts, was her gentle way of slapping you in the face with truth, then wrapping you in a hug of possibilities which ALWAYS started with Jesus. Be The Bridge is written from a place of forgiveness & hope (both of which I desperately needed). 

Her book so inspired me that a friend and I started a Be The Bridge group. There are over a thousand Be The Bridge groups all across the country. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one near me, so we went through the process and started our own. These groups are not a book club or Bible study. They are a group of people who are committed to doing the hard work, asking the hard questions and growing individually in order to bring racial reconciliation to their circle of influence. Once a month, our group gathers to go through the resource material & have hard, honest conversations. Together, we’ve cried, lamented, learned, grown and pursued reconciliation in our own lives so we can in turn lead others. 

If podcasts are your thing, you can subscribe to the Be The Bridge Podcast. Morrison interviews professionals & experts who share insight, resources and so much more in their pursuit of reconciliation, solidarity & justice. Just like herself, her guests’ hearts are also rooted in the hope only Jesus can provide.

Have you read Be the Bridge? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to comment below so we can “Talk About That…”

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