A Prayer for Mother’s Day

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Thank you for our moms and today we pray for them. 

We pray for young mom and the tired mom.
For the mom who’s wondering if she’s doing it right
And for the mom who suffers from depression. 
Encourage them.

We pray for older moms 
Whose days of raising kids are passed, but whose children are never far from her heart. 

We pray for step mom
Who has stepped into a role that’s both challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

We pray for single mom
Who’s doing it all alone without the support of a partner.
Be her provider and strength

We pray for moms whose children have been called away to serve in our armed forces.
May she feel Your presence today.

We pray for moms with special needs.
Replenish her & give her what she needs to meet the unique needs of her family. 

We pray for moms whose children are rebellious or in trouble. 
Would you be with them as they pray & fight. Give them strength.

We pray for those who have a distant relationship with their mom.
Restore what’s been broken.

We pray for foster moms. Spiritual moms. Mentor moms.
We thank you for them and the role they play in our lives.

We pray for the adoptive mom who’ve opened her heart and her home. 

We pray for the mom who’s given up her baby for adoption because of love.
We ask for you to comfort them.

We pray for those who have lost a mom recently.
Would they feel your presence closer than ever.

We pray for those who long to be a mom. They’ve prayed and yet their arms are still empty.
Give them an unmistakable sense of purpose?

And, Father, we pray for moms who have
buried a child, suffered a  miscarriage, or who have had an adoption fall through.
We know you are the God who is close to the broken hearted and we asked that you would continue to walk with them through their grief. 

God, we love you and we thank you for moms.

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