8 Steps to a Smooth College Transition for You and Your Teen

I sat in the passenger seat of our SUV in the parking garage, hot and exhausted. Sweat from the 112-degree Phoenix summer sun ran down my spine while my eyes stayed glued to the back of my six-foot-tall baby boy walking towards the garage stairs. Time stopped as I watched him pause on the top…

7 Reasons Everyone’s Talking about Encanto…and NOT Bruno!

“We don’t talk about Bruno. No. No. We don’t talk about Bruno… BUT!”  Almost daily, Encanto lyrics dance down my office hallway. Grown adults sing and dance to the number 1 song on the Billboard charts. It seems everyone IS talking about Bruno, as well as, the entire cast of Disney’s Encanto.  Encanto, which means…

Find Which Encanto Character Matches Your Personality

There’s no denying the success of Disney’s Encanto. Social media is full of TikToks and posts of people posing with, dressing like and sining along with their favorite character(s). So…who’s your match?First, let’s make sure you know them all. Ready? Come on! It’s time for a Madrigal Family roundup. Character List Maribel – Seemingly average,…

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