Assimilation vs. Acceptance: Empowering Our Kids to Choose Well

I was 10 years old when I first learned how to assimilate. After summer break, I returned to school to discover the outdoor activities – swimming, riding my bike & hours spent on the playground – had a high price. I knew I looked different from my new classmates with my darker skin tone and coarse,Continue reading “Assimilation vs. Acceptance: Empowering Our Kids to Choose Well”

Let’s Talk About That…Empathy

Rico Melendez Shares His Personal Journey from Indifferent to Empathy Rico’s is a voice I’ve come to appreciate. He has a passion for truth, justice, reconciliation & Jesus. I love the way he weaves them together for his online community. His empathy for people of color and the marginalized are just a couple reasons IContinue reading “Let’s Talk About That…Empathy”

#StopAsianHate: What You Need to Know

#StopAsianHate started popping up in my social media feed a couple months ago. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I would have heard of it if I hadn’t made a shift to include more diverse voices in my feed. Over the past year, I made an intentional choice to diversify my social media. I wantedContinue reading “#StopAsianHate: What You Need to Know”

What is Racial Reconciliation?

Racial Reconciliation: I first heard the term last year. After the death of George Floyd, I started doing a lot of research on racism, American history, and how it all fits together. Unfamiliar terms and social ideologies flooded my social media feeds. Everyone seemed to have an option. I didn’t know where to begin. IContinue reading “What is Racial Reconciliation?”

I Don’t See Color Means I Don’t See You

“I don’t see color. I just see you.” For years, I found comfort in those two sentences. They made me feel accepted, like I belonged. I eventually discovered the complete opposite was true. Because others didn’t see my color, neither did I anymore. I lied to myself for years, saying that was a good thing.Continue reading “I Don’t See Color Means I Don’t See You”

“I Just See You” – My Color-blind Experience

“I just see you.” For so long, this sentence brought a sigh of relief. When I heard it, I left safe. It was like a favorite blanket, a safe place to hide, a well-kept secret among friends. But recently, I’ve felt something different when I hear those words. What once brought a sense of security,Continue reading ““I Just See You” – My Color-blind Experience”

Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.

Do you ever feel invisible? If we’re honest, probably each of us would admit to feeling invisible at some point in our lives. Maybe it was a parent who never took the time to get to know you.Maybe it was the significant other who said they loved you, but never had time for you.Maybe itContinue reading “Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.”

My Mask ~ Embracing My Identity

Have you ever hidden the truth for so long you couldn’t tell where it ended and the lie began?  I did…for 30 years. For a long time, the mask was easy to maintain. I’d worn it so long it wasn’t a part OF me, it WAS me. It was how I saw myself & presentedContinue reading “My Mask ~ Embracing My Identity”

Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison

Last year, I was drowning in a sea of feelings & emotions. My head swirled with terms, phrases &  social constructs. I was desperate. I wanted to learn, grow and dig in. I needed a resource. Even more than that, I needed direction & hope. God lead me to Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s HeartContinue reading “Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison”

Representation Matters: She Looks Like Me

Representation Matters. Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden. Woman after woman commanded the stage. Some looked like me. Others looked like you. I watched and remembered… She Looked Like Me When I was a little girl growing up in Ohio, I remember what it felt likeContinue reading “Representation Matters: She Looks Like Me”