Dia De Los Muertos: Personal Reflections of Celebration

Disney released Coco in 2017. Although I’m a huge Disney fan, I was highly skeptical of the new film. Mostly because I knew nothing about Mexican culture or the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I assumed this movie, its message and traditions were a bad idea and would conflict withContinue reading “Dia De Los Muertos: Personal Reflections of Celebration”

A Prayer for Mother’s Day

God,Thank you for our moms and today we pray for them.  We pray for young mom and the tired mom.For the mom who’s wondering if she’s doing it right And for the mom who suffers from depression. Encourage them. We pray for older moms Whose days of raising kids are passed, but whose children are never far fromContinue reading “A Prayer for Mother’s Day”

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – What Mom REALLY Wants

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! We spend the day honoring the selflessness of Mom. We spoil her, appreciate her, celebrate her and shower her with gifts. Speaking of gifts, have you purchased her gift yet? If not, don’t worry. I got you. Psssst….Wanna Know A Secret? Hey, come closer. I have a secretContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – What Mom REALLY Wants”