A Mother’s Day Prayer for Moms

God,Thank you for our moms and today we pray for them.  We pray for young mom and the tired mom.For the mom who’s wondering if she’s doing it right And for the mom who suffers from depression. Encourage them. We pray for older moms Whose days of raising kids are passed, but whose children are never far fromContinue reading “A Mother’s Day Prayer for Moms”

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – What Mom REALLY Wants

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! We spend the day honoring the selflessness of Mom. We spoil her, appreciate her, celebrate her and shower her with gifts. Speaking of gifts, have you purchased her gift yet? If not, don’t worry. I got you. Psssst….Wanna Know A Secret? Hey, come closer. I have a secretContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – What Mom REALLY Wants”

What is Racial Reconciliation?

Racial Reconciliation: I first heard the term last year. After the death of George Floyd, I started doing a lot of research on racism, American history, and how it all fits together. Unfamiliar terms and social ideologies flooded my social media feeds. Everyone seemed to have an option. I didn’t know where to begin. IContinue reading “What is Racial Reconciliation?”

Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.

Do you ever feel invisible? If we’re honest, probably each of us would admit to feeling invisible at some point in our lives. Maybe it was a parent who never took the time to get to know you.Maybe it was the significant other who said they loved you, but never had time for you.Maybe itContinue reading “Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.”

How to Celebrate You & Why It’s Important

It’s easy to celebrate the big things.It’s easy to celebrate the small things.It’s easy to celebrate life’s milestones. It’s easy to celebrate others It’s hard to celebrate yourself.  How DO you celebrate yourself –  unspoken goals achieved, silent dreams mets, personal struggles conquered? How do you celebrate you without sounding self-serving, egotistical or arrogant? ForContinue reading “How to Celebrate You & Why It’s Important”

Rhythm of Replenishment

Do you know what recharges you or how to refill when you’re running on empty? I remember sitting in our weekly Monday morning meeting a few years ago, listening to our boss tell us that we were entering our slow season and we all had PTO (paid timed off) available. He expected us to findContinue reading “Rhythm of Replenishment”

Fresh Perspective for the Future

This week, I had the privilege of sitting on a zoom call with lead and executive pastors from around the country as they strategize, dream and discuss what leading people looks like now…how it’s changed over the past 10 months, what we need to do next, and how the heart of the mission of helpingContinue reading “Fresh Perspective for the Future”

Birthday Tears

July 22, 1999 Happy Birthday to me. Yeah, purposely no exclamation mark at the end of that sentence. Today should be full of friends, fun and a party. Instead, here I am, writing in my journal – alone. No plans. No friends. Well, I guess that’s not totally true. I am having dinner tonight withContinue reading “Birthday Tears”

Shining the Spotlight

Remember concerts? When performers sang & bands played live in front of a crowd of cheering fans? The bass thumping, drums pounding, guitars jamming, singers performing and the lights shining. Man I miss live music!  If you’ve ever been backstage, you realize it takes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people to makeContinue reading “Shining the Spotlight”

Progress > Perfection

They say comparison is the thief of joy. If that’s true (and I believe it is), then perfection is the thief of progress.  As a recovering perfectionist, I know first-hand the inner turmoil each decision can hold. When everything has to be perfect… Your anxiety builds.  Your need for control grows.  You get stuck inContinue reading “Progress > Perfection”