Recommended Books

Highly recommended, these are some of Torrie’s favorite books to both educate and encourage. Click on the images below for the direct Amazon link to read details, reviews or to order your copy.

Be the Bridge
by: Latasha Morrison

Tyler Merritt drinking coffee on the cover of his book, I Take My Coffee Black

I Take My Coffee Black
by: Tyler Merritt

Multicolored sketch book cover of Mixed Blessings by Chandra Crane

Mixed Blessing: Embracing the Fullness of Your Multiethnic Identity
by: Chandra Crane

Ruth Chou Simmons sitting with decorative sketched flowers around her on the cover of her book, When Striving Cease

When Striving Cease
by: Ruth Chou Simmons

The Race-Wise Family
by: Helen Lee & Michelle Ami Reyes

Alexandra Hoover's book cover Eyes Up

Eyes Up
by: Alexandra V. Hoover

Angry Conversations with God
by: Susan E Isaacs

ready to rise book cover

Read to Rise
by: Jo Saxton

The Color of Compromise
by: Jemar Tisby

Post-Black & Post-White Church
by: Efrem Smith

Becoming All Things
by: Michelle Ami Reyes

I Am Not
by: Simi John

by: Ruth Forman

Hues of You
by: Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD

book cover of the children's book, The Circles all around us

The Circles All Around Us
by: Brad Montague


Mixed.ology is a Mixed Race weekly newsletter to help you learn to love your God-given blend. Wherever you are on the journey, you’ll find a safe space, full of grace, as you begin to fully embrace the skin you’re in.

Not Mixed. No worries. In today’s culture, there’s a good chance you know someone who is Mixed. Mixed.ology will give you the tools to help you grow in both knowledge & empathy to the Mixed Race experience.

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