Debbie Allen ~ Honoring BHM

Kennedy Center HonoreeTony WinnerEmmy WinnerActressDirectorProducerChoreographerStar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Debbie Allen knew at a very young age that she wanted to be a professional dancer, but for a black girl in the 1950s, that dream didn’t always seem attainable. At 12, her talent was undeniable, but the color of her skin kept herContinue reading “Debbie Allen ~ Honoring BHM”

Leslie Odem Jr. ~ Honoring BHM

Smooth. Flawless. Perfection.  These words seem inadequate to describe the incredible (and I do mean INCREDIBLE) talent that is Leslie Odem Jr. Although he’s known as an actor of film, tv & stage, it’s his voice that has had the biggest impact on me. When he starts to sing, the world melts away. I closeContinue reading “Leslie Odem Jr. ~ Honoring BHM”

Phylicia Rashad ~ Honoring BHM

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a wife and mom…not just any wife & mom. I wanted to be just like Clair Huxtable. Actress. Singer. Stage Director – Phylicia Rashad has been bringing characters to life in our homes and on stage for decades.  HerContinue reading “Phylicia Rashad ~ Honoring BHM”