7 Reasons Everyone’s Talking about Encanto…and NOT Bruno!

“We don’t talk about Bruno. No. No. We don’t talk about Bruno… BUT!”  Almost daily, Encanto lyrics dance down my office hallway. Grown adults sing and dance to the number 1 song on the Billboard charts. It seems everyone IS talking about Bruno, as well as, the entire cast of Disney’s Encanto.  Encanto, which meansContinue reading “7 Reasons Everyone’s Talking about Encanto…and NOT Bruno!”

Find Which Encanto Character Matches Your Personality

There’s no denying the success of Disney’s Encanto. Social media is full of TikToks and posts of people posing with, dressing like and sining along with their favorite character(s). So…who’s your match?First, let’s make sure you know them all. Ready? Come on! It’s time for a Madrigal Family roundup. Character List Maribel – Seemingly average,Continue reading “Find Which Encanto Character Matches Your Personality”

Dia De Los Muertos: Personal Reflections of Celebration

Disney released Coco in 2017. Although I’m a huge Disney fan, I was highly skeptical of the new film. Mostly because I knew nothing about Mexican culture or the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I assumed this movie, its message and traditions were a bad idea and would conflict withContinue reading “Dia De Los Muertos: Personal Reflections of Celebration”

Why Do We Feel We Have To Hide Behind A Mask? (Part 2)

My mask had become so much a part of my identity, I didn’t know who I was without it. The little girl from my childhood polaroids – quiet, confident, fearless – had been lost to an anxious, insecure shell. Before you continue, if you haven’t read Part 1, you’ll want to do so. It willContinue reading “Why Do We Feel We Have To Hide Behind A Mask? (Part 2)”

Why Do We Feel We Have to Hide Behind a Mask? (Part 1)

As I sorted through childhood pictures, I saw a little girl. She looked like me, dark eyes, curly hair and brown skin. But she was different. She had a quiet confidence about her. Although she was young, she knew who she was. She wasn’t scared to be herself. A box had not yet been assignedContinue reading “Why Do We Feel We Have to Hide Behind a Mask? (Part 1)”

What Autumn Can Teach Us About Diversity

Autumn is filled with a so many nuances that make it special. The scent of cider and cinnamon, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hayrides, football and scary movie marathons. But, I think the beauty that overtakes the trees is the most noticeable. Hues of gold, scarlet and tangerine begin to decorate the landscape creating a breathtakingContinue reading “What Autumn Can Teach Us About Diversity”

Let’s Talk About That…Empathy

Rico Melendez Shares His Personal Journey from Indifferent to Empathy Rico’s is a voice I’ve come to appreciate. He has a passion for truth, justice, reconciliation & Jesus. I love the way he weaves them together for his online community. His empathy for people of color and the marginalized are just a couple reasons IContinue reading “Let’s Talk About That…Empathy”

#StopAsianHate: What You Need to Know

#StopAsianHate started popping up in my social media feed a couple months ago. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I would have heard of it if I hadn’t made a shift to include more diverse voices in my feed. Over the past year, I made an intentional choice to diversify my social media. I wantedContinue reading “#StopAsianHate: What You Need to Know”

What is Racial Reconciliation?

Racial Reconciliation: I first heard the term last year. After the death of George Floyd, I started doing a lot of research on racism, American history, and how it all fits together. Unfamiliar terms and social ideologies flooded my social media feeds. Everyone seemed to have an option. I didn’t know where to begin. IContinue reading “What is Racial Reconciliation?”

I Don’t See Color Means I Don’t See You

“I don’t see color. I just see you.” For years, I found comfort in those two sentences. They made me feel accepted, like I belonged. I eventually discovered the complete opposite was true. Because others didn’t see my color, neither did I anymore. I lied to myself for years, saying that was a good thing.Continue reading “I Don’t See Color Means I Don’t See You”