7 Reasons Everyone’s Talking about Encanto…and NOT Bruno!

“We don’t talk about Bruno. No. No. We don’t talk about Bruno… BUT!”  Almost daily, Encanto lyrics dance down my office hallway. Grown adults sing and dance to the number 1 song on the Billboard charts. It seems everyone IS talking about Bruno, as well as, the entire cast of Disney’s Encanto.  Encanto, which meansContinue reading “7 Reasons Everyone’s Talking about Encanto…and NOT Bruno!”

Find Which Encanto Character Matches Your Personality

There’s no denying the success of Disney’s Encanto. Social media is full of TikToks and posts of people posing with, dressing like and sining along with their favorite character(s). So…who’s your match?First, let’s make sure you know them all. Ready? Come on! It’s time for a Madrigal Family roundup. Character List Maribel – Seemingly average,Continue reading “Find Which Encanto Character Matches Your Personality”

Why Do We Feel We Have To Hide Behind A Mask? (Part 2)

My mask had become so much a part of my identity, I didn’t know who I was without it. The little girl from my childhood polaroids – quiet, confident, fearless – had been lost to an anxious, insecure shell. Before you continue, if you haven’t read Part 1, you’ll want to do so. It willContinue reading “Why Do We Feel We Have To Hide Behind A Mask? (Part 2)”

Why Do We Feel We Have to Hide Behind a Mask? (Part 1)

As I sorted through childhood pictures, I saw a little girl. She looked like me, dark eyes, curly hair and brown skin. But she was different. She had a quiet confidence about her. Although she was young, she knew who she was. She wasn’t scared to be herself. A box had not yet been assignedContinue reading “Why Do We Feel We Have to Hide Behind a Mask? (Part 1)”

Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.

Do you ever feel invisible? If we’re honest, probably each of us would admit to feeling invisible at some point in our lives. Maybe it was a parent who never took the time to get to know you.Maybe it was the significant other who said they loved you, but never had time for you.Maybe itContinue reading “Am I Invisible? Longing to be seen in a filtered society.”

My Mask ~ Embracing My Identity

Have you ever hidden the truth for so long you couldn’t tell where it ended and the lie began?  I did…for 30 years. For a long time, the mask was easy to maintain. I’d worn it so long it wasn’t a part OF me, it WAS me. It was how I saw myself & presentedContinue reading “My Mask ~ Embracing My Identity”

How to Embrace Failing Without Embracing Failure

Have you ever felt like a failure? You didn’t get the job.You didn’t pass the test.They chose the other person.They walked away anyway. Yeah, me too. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s easy to find myself trapped by the fear of failure. I’ve felt its sting & embarrassment and being the smarty pants I am, IContinue reading “How to Embrace Failing Without Embracing Failure”

Silence Speaks

You listened to the jokes.You heard the comments.You cringed, wishing someone would say something.You sat…silent. So did I. I hated confrontation. I avoided it at all cost. It made my stomach churn to think about confronting an uncomfortable situation. That’s not to say I didn’t have convictions. I did; but no one knew what theyContinue reading “Silence Speaks”

Curls by Ruth Forman

Ahhhh! Ok! I have to share this new book I got. I’m so EXCITED! Can you tell??? Yes, it’s a children’s board book. (Not everything has to a 700-page Harry Potter novel.) Because I’m a curly girl and follow a lot of curly hair accounts, this book kept showing up in my social media feeds.Continue reading “Curls by Ruth Forman”

Phylicia Rashad ~ Honoring BHM

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a wife and mom…not just any wife & mom. I wanted to be just like Clair Huxtable. Actress. Singer. Stage Director – Phylicia Rashad has been bringing characters to life in our homes and on stage for decades.  HerContinue reading “Phylicia Rashad ~ Honoring BHM”