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Perfectionist. Black Sheep. The Strong One.
The Perfect Child. Insecurity. Shame. Fear.

We all have things about ourselves we try to change, ignore, or hide.
But what would it look like if you embraced those things?
Being Mixed Raced was my thing. After 30 years of passing as White, I learned to love my God-given blend. And you can too!
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Mixed.ology is a Mixed Race weekly newsletter to help you learn to love your God-given blend. Wherever you are on the journey, you’ll find a safe space, full of grace, as you begin to fully embrace the skin you’re in.
Not Mixed. No worries. In today’s culture, there’s a good chance you know someone who is Mixed. Mixed.ology will give you the tools to help you grow in both knowledge & empathy to the Mixed Race experience.


About Torrie

It all started with a prayer…
Several years ago, I began praying that God would change my heart. I asked Him to give me eyes to see and a heart to love people the way He does. Little did I know, He would flip the script. First, He challenged me to start liking myself. When I finally accepted that God’s love applied to me too, my life completely changed. Like the leper who was healed and told everyone, now I passionately share that the same healing & freedom is waiting for YOU!
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Articles & Podcasts

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Torrie speaks across the county on a variety of topics including: identity in Christ, self acceptance, healing & freedom and multiracial/multicultural church unity.
She looks forward to serving your team.

Torrie Sorge sitting with a women's round table discussion group
Torrie Sorge speaking at a conference
Torrie Sorge speaking on a podcast

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Perfectionist. Black Sheep. The Strong One. The Perfect Child. Insecurity. Shame. Fear.

There are many reasons we hide our true selves…the same reasons our favorite Disney characters hide too. See who hides for the same reason you do.

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