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My Story

Born in Ohio, I am the only child of a single mom who taught me to love Jesus deeply and depend on Him fiercely, which came in handy as the only biracial kid in my family, school, and church. The discrimination I experienced made me realize something at a very young age – I had to choose to be white or brown. I chose white and continued to pass for the next 30 years

In 2020, God made good use of my covid-quarantine time. He revealed areas within myself where I’d been living a lie. The revelation brought me to my knees…and a fork in the road. I had a decision to make: continue living a lie or accept the woman God created. I chose truth. Through acknowledgment, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, He brought healing to places I didn’t even know were broken.

But God was just getting started. In 2021, God called me to write again, reviving a forgotten passion. Today, I write & speak, sharing my Mixed-race experiences and how I learned to love my God-given blend…and how you can too!


I also work as an executive assistant at a large church in Las Vegas. Church has always been part of my story, so it’s a privilege to serve our team, keeping them organized and encouraged as we help people experience Jesus!

When I’m not speaking, writing or working, you can find me in one of two places: on my sofa binging the latest true crime documentary, reading a book or watching my Vegas Golden Knight hockey team OR strolling around Disneyland / Disney’s California Adventure with my family.

My favorite titles are wife & mom. I’ve been married to my boyfriend for over 20 years. We have 2 incredible kids. Originally from Ohio, we have called Las Vegas home since 2009 and love our city!


Torrie Sorge speaking

Torrie speaks across the county.
Her topics include:
identity & belonging,
self-acceptance & healing, supporting your Mixed Race child/teen, & multiracial/multicultural church unity.
She looks forward to serving your team.


Mixed.ology is a weekly-ish newsletter full of personal Mixed-race experiences, learnings, & encouragement. It’s a safe space where race & grace collide as you learn to love your own unique God-given blend.

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