Torrie is passionate about inviting you to see yourself the way God sees you. In a culture where race & grace rarely intersect, she works to bridge that gap, especially for Mixed Race individuals and multiracial families. Let’s be honest, it can be a difficult road to accept the skin we’re in, blend cultures within our families, and help our kids navigate experiences very different than our own. Torrie combines her own personal experiences of growing up in an interracial home and being Mixed Race with her heart for people to help you take the first steps towards embracing your God-ordained identity and becoming the person He created you to be.

Torrie’s style is approachable and honest. She doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, but delivers it sweetly. It’s her prayer you leave encouraged, enlightened and empowered.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Torrie shares her own story of living ashamed, a prisoner in her own skin to accepting God’s gift of freedom through acceptance. She will take you on a journey from her childhood growing up in a single-parent home in a predominately White small Midwest town, to racism at school & church to meeting her dad for the first time at 18, passing as White for 30 years, and how God brought her to a crossroads: continue being the woman she created or accept the woman God created. You will laugh and cry as you discover how to embrace how you too are fearfully & wonderfully made on purpose for a purpose.

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Support for Your
Interracial Family

According to the 2020 census, there are over 33 million Mixed Race individuals in the US. That equals a LOT of interracial families! Growing up in an interracial home herself AND raising her own children in one, Torrie understands the unique challenges and needs that Mixed Race students and interracial families face.

In this presentation, Torrie will address unique concerns from interracial families and give tangible ways to better connect with your kids as you begin breaking down walls and building a bridge in home.

Let’s Talk About That!
Q&A Interview

Torrie loves creating safe spaces where hard questions are welcomed and honest conversation leads to understanding.

In this segment, Torrie tackles your questions, offering appropriate language, resources & tips. It’s her hope that you leave equipped with the knowledge to be more understanding and compassionate among people who experience the world differently than yourself.

I look forward to planning our time together.

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